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Patient Testimonials

  • Dipty was my physical therapist while she worked in NYC and my savior. Many days, I came in limping, inflamed, and frail. She turned me into a leaner mean fighting machine by the time she was done with our session. Her intuitive sense + expert knowledge in how she knew exactly where to target my trigger points, I’ll never know or question. Dipty is, in 2 words, magical healer. I hope those that need such healing will come to know and appreciate her friendship, nurturing, and tough love on the road to health.

    Gemma L.

  • Since I started chiropractic/physical therapy sessions with Dr. Mali my shoulder pain is now gone. I can do pushups and pull ups with no pain. Dr. Dipty has taught me the proper way to exercise my upper body and now I am going to have that “buff bod” that I have always desired. I recommend Dr. Dipty to everyone who is seeking relief from muscle pain.

    Steve A.

  • I had been suffering with Tendonitis for about 4 years, progressively getting worse. In the last three months I had started to hear and feel crunching in my left knee. I had been going to an orthopedist, but he was only prescribing me medication to dull the pain, and no physical therapy. We are new to the area, and my husband saw the Jersey City Wellness Center and decided to go in and see what it is about. He started chiropractic services there and told me about how good he was feeling. I only thought it was for people with back problems, not muscle problems. He set me up for an appointment. I started the chiropractic program, but with not much success until the doctor recommended me for physical therapy. That’s when the “angel” came into my life, Dr. Dipty Mali. After my initial physical therapy session with her, when she readjusted my knee, I felt immediate relief. After one week, I could walk with barely a limp. I have now been taking physical therapy with Dr. Dipty for three weeks, and my knee feels like new. I can walk up and down stairs, I don’t have to take the elevator any more. With the exercises she has given me, even when I don’t come in for therapy, I can do my stretching exercises and my knees feel great! I am serious, I recommend everybody with knee or any kind of muscle problems to come see her. You will feel like brand new!

    Felicia A.

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