Dance Therapy

Dancers, performing artists, and gymnasts and maintain a high level of physical demand. Whether you’re a youth dancer, a professional or a pre-professional, physical therapy for dancers at Equipoise physical therapy offers a specialized care. We thoroughly evaluate each dancer and use that evaluation to create an individual development plan that will aid these individuals through performance enhancement training, injury prevention and physical therapy rehabilitation.

At Equipoise Physical Therapy, you will receive customized, evidence-based, physical therapist intervention to facilitate a faster return to full training and performance.

Common Dance Conditions:

  • ankle, foot and toe injuries
  • knee pain
  • hip impingement
  • low back injuries
  • core muscle weakness
  • muscle imbalance of the lower extremities
  • thoracic pain

Our therapists will:

  • Screen and assess your dance technique
  • Explain the science and dance medicine behind current physical therapy techniques that can
  • enhance your dancing
  • Provide dance-specific rehabilitation for re-entry to studio work or stage
  • Provide targeted training to enhance dance skills
  • Help you to transition from an injury back to class, rehearsal or performance
  • Provide individualized therapeutic programs.
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