Posture Evaluation

Posture Assessments and Ergonomic Evaluations

At Equipoise Physical Therapy we will complete an in-depth posture assessment to find any deviations that may give cues of past and current traumas, injuries, mild or serious pathologies, emotional state, and energy inefficient positions that may be contributing to the injury. We specialize in postural education, targeted manual therapy to address adaptive muscle tightening and specific muscular strengthening that will help to maintain upright posture and pain free necks/backs, arms/hands/wrists throughout the day. Also, treatment programs will be created which specifically geared to help mitigate negative effects of wrong alignment.

Posture/ Ergonomic Correction

With a world full of technological advances, more people find it necessary to seek physical therapy and ergonomic education due to prolonged use in front of a screen, constant using laptops, mobile phones, tables/ ipads, etc.

Many people find themselves with newfound fatigue, neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness/tingling in arms, elbows/wrist/hand pain, and back pain often caused by poor postural mechanics and ergonomics while texting, computer work and general use of small, medium sized computer without noticing. Muscle tension due to long hours in a chair can cause severe symptoms such as tension headaches, visual disturbances, and digestive issues. People tend to get into a “head forward, rounded shouldered, hunched back position.” This position, if sustained, can lead to increased stress on the musculature of the neck/back, and increased leverage on the cervical/thoracic/lumbar spine with ultimate long term negative side effects. If not treated to gain muscle balance (strengthening and stretching) and educated in correct ergonomics for long term benefit, chronic pain situations can occur.