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Physical therapy treatment can help for many neurological disorders

Physical therapy is an essential component of treatment for many neurological disorders Getting diagnosed with a neurological disorder may be confusing since these issues involve the nerves rather than the muscles and ligaments. Some patients may be uncertain what the diagnosis means and how it will affect their life, which can make it difficult to […]

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Damage to the nervous system may cause movement-related issues

Your nervous system is the line of communication between your brain and every bone, muscle, and organ in your body. It is responsible for all actions that take place within the body, from the nerve impulses that make your heartbeat, to the reflex that makes you immediately retract your hand from a hot stove, and […]

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Your nerves are responsible for everything your body does

Pick any function of the human body, and you can count on your nerves making it happen. Moving your eyes to read these words, the process of sending these images to the brain to be converted into useful information, and breathing while doing so are all made possible by the nerves. The nervous system is […]

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